How to learn fluent English speaking online on mobile

English speaking on phone works great

SahajEnglish provides easy and convenient approach to learn fluent English speaking online. We provide English speaking classes on phone at your convenient times. You save on travelling time and cost. A dedicated trainer conducts 25 minutes of classes on each day from Monday to Friday. The curriculum is tailored perfectly and specifically for English speaking.

We at SahajEnglish focus to remove your hesitation and bring confidence in you speaking English at 1st. You learn the English grammar simultaneously while practicing the scenario based subjects. We build the fluency in your English speaking at last. We focus to build sophistication in your knowledge to English language finally.

Follow the steps to get started:

1. Select a course and pay for it.
2. Our expert will call you the next working day for level assessment.
3. We will assign a trainer within two working days.
4. Start learning & practicing with your trainer .
5. Observe improvement in one month.
6. Keep improving month by month.
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Learn fluent English speaking online step by step

Eliminate Hesitation

When you speak on phone you know that nobody is watching which eliminates the hesitations and allows you to speak freely. You build confidence by eliminating the hesitation.

Dedicated Trainer

One trainer is dedicated to one student for undivided attention of the trainer. This also allows the maximum possible practice for you.

Dedicated trainer also points to your mistakes and you learn quickly.

Think in English

The key to fluency in English is to think in English. Our trainers would help you start thinking in English. This would progressively build fluency in English.

Rich Library of reference materials

SahajEnglish provides a rich library of learning resources which include:

  • Grammar eBooks
  • Scenarios based discussion audios and transcripts
  • Audio Lessons
  • Articles/blogs by experts
  • More than 2000 commonly used words
  • Commonly used Idioms and Phrases

Step by Step Learning

Learning methodology and curriculum designed by experts at SahajEnglish makes learning English speaking easy for you.

Step by Step learning is a proven methodology used worldwide since ages. It makes sure that you learn systematically and do not jump to advanced topics without knowing the pre-requisites. You would get the thorough knowledge of language, speech and communications skills gradually.