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Spoken English classes on phone at your convenient times
One trainer for one student to allow maximum practice
Get rid of hesitation and build confidence

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Key Features

Speak in English with ease
Convenient & Flexible

Convenient & Flexible

Classes on phone enable the students to choose the time as per their convenience. It saves travel time and expenses.

Focus on speaking

Focus on speaking

Pragmatically designed courses to make you focus on speaking skills. It gives maximum practice and keep you stay focused.

Rich Study Material

Rich Study Material

Assorted study materials to learn English grammar and vocabulary. Q&A section and Quiz to encourage participation.

Dedicated Trainer

Dedicated Trainer

A dedicated and experienced trainer to each student for full attention. Provides personalized conversation and assignments.

How to Learn Spoken English

SahajEnglish provides easy and convenient approach of speaking English. We provide English speaking classes on phone at your convenient times. You save on travelling time and cost. A dedicated trainer conducts 25 minutes of classes on each day from Monday to Friday. The curriculum is tailored perfectly and specifically for English speaking.

Follow the steps to get started:

1. Select a course and pay for it.
2. Our expert will call you the next working day for level assessment.
3. We will assign a trainer within two working days.
4. Start learning & practicing with your trainer .
5. Observe improvement in one month.
6. Keep improving month by month.

Online English Speaking Classes

Why SahajEnglish?
  • A dedicated trainer to provide you the maximum practice opportunity to learn effective spoken English.
  • Practical scenario based teaching to get you started in speaking English right from the first day.
  • Rich text and audio learning materials to get expertise in English language.
  • Quality trainers from across the country at your exposure.
  • Online Q&A section to ask questions and get answers.

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One Month

20 phone sessions

20 Audio lessons

25 minutes each class

One eBook

Monday to Friday

1-to-1 personal trainer

Express yourself in English

Remove hesitation


Two Months (Save ₹ 200)

40 phone sessions

40 Audio lessons

25 minutes each class

Two eBooks

Monday to Friday

1-to-1 personal trainer

Talk freely with others

Gain confidence


Three Months (Save ₹ 600)

60 phone sessions

60 Audio lessons

25 minutes each class

Three eBooks

Monday to Friday

1-to-1 personal trainer

Makes Prompt & Versatile

Build fluency


Custom Duration

Interview Preparation

Personality Development

Professional Email Writing

Time and Tense

Advanced Grammar

English Speaker

Monday to Friday

1-to-1 personal trainer


Listen to our English speaking learners
SahajEnglish! They are simply good. I never had any issues. They have very good trainers and equally good support system. I have achieved confidence and speak fluently now. Thanks to them.
Pankaj Kumar

Pankaj Kumar

Businessman, Delhi

SahajEnglish course provided me with much needed English speaking skills for my job. It inspired confidence in me and now I can present my products with confidence. I am thankful to SahajEnglish.
Ranjeet Singh

Ranjeet Singh

Salesman, Real Estate

My limitations in English speaking was a deterrent in my promotion. I joined SahajEnglish and the course helped me to achieve good written and communication skills. I have bagged a permanent job now.
Surabhi Srivastav

Surabhi Srivastav

HR Executive, SysTetra

Why Spoken English?

  • English is a dominant business language and improves the chances of getting Jobs.
  • Spoken English provides social respect and builds self confidence.
  • It breaks the communication barrier and allows to travel worldwide.
  • It is a necessity to get a quality job and to get promotion in IT & private sectors.
  • Click on TEST YOUR LEVEL button to asses your knowledge.

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